Keep South Derbyshire Tidy

South Derbyshire District Council plays an important role in protecting and promoting the environment and encouraging responsible behaviour to create a 'cleaner greener' District.

Council teams clean the District’s streets, parks and open spaces on a routine cycle. This will be more frequent at busy locations such as Swadlincote town centre, gateways and corridors within South Derbyshire.

Great British Spring Clean

This year, the Council is once again took part in the Great British Spring Clean, the country’s biggest mass-action environmental campaign. The aim of the campaign is to inspire people to work in partnership with community organisations, businesses and councils to collect and safely dispose of litter from Britain’s streets, parks and beaches.

How can you help keep South Derbyshire Tidy?

Become a #SouthDerbyshireHero and volunteer to keep South Derbyshire tidy and clean.

Who are Litter Heroes?

Volunteers from the local community, businesses, voluntary and public sector organisations coming together to organise and support litter pick events and campaigns that make South Derbyshire a great place to live, visit and invest.

We value the work of these volunteers in helping in reducing the amount of litter, improving the look of the area and reducing the impact on the environment as well as taking pride in our place, respecting our people and protecting the environment for our future generations.

If you want to help and keep your community tidy and litter free download the guidance pack for more information.

What else can you do?

Report littering

Tell us if you see someone littering or dumping waste so we can investigate. Provide as much information as possible, such as what happened, where it happened, a description of the person dropping the litter and their vehicle, if you can.