Parish councils

Parish Councils are the first tier of local government and are the closest to the community they serve. 

They play an important role in maintaining and improving local services and facilities, supporting voluntary organisations and influencing and lobbying on local development

Funds needed to support their activities are raised by adding an extra cost known as a precept to each householder’s Council Tax bill.

Parish Councils in South Derbyshire

There are 31 Parish Councils in South Derbyshire. A full breakdown of chairmen and clerks is available should you wish to get in touch or attend meetings.

Parish Councillors

Parish councillors are not paid and have to abide by a local government code of conduct and declare their financial interests in the parish. Councillors must also declare a personal or prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion at a parish council meeting.

If you wish to make a complaint about a Parish Councillor, visit our Councillors page.

Elections to Parish Councils are scheduled every four years but only take place if the number of candidates nominated in each parish is greater than the number of vacant seats.