Council meetings

Our Council and committee meetings are open to the public. Dates, agendas and minutes can be found on our meeting calendar. Some final agenda items may be exempt, meaning they can be discussed with only Councillors and officers present. 

  • The Full Council is made up of 36 Councillors who meet to discuss and make decisions that form the foundation of our work.
  • Our Finance and Management Committee ensures all our services are organised and funded effectively and efficiently.
  • The Environmental and Development Services Committee, alongside the Housing and Community Services Committee, sets out and monitors the work of our staff to ensure delivery of the best possible services for the people of South Derbyshire.
  • Our Licensing and Appeals Sub-Committee handles all forms of licensing including entertainment, alcohol and private hire, as well as any appeals by staff regarding employment issues.
  • The Overview and Scrutiny Committee guides, develops and examines our policies and performance. It also has a role in looking at how other public services are delivered in the District.
  • Our Planning Committee considers applications in relation to planning policy, any representations received from members of the public, consultation responses and the recommendations of the planning officers.
  • Tenant participation encourages individuals to make a contribution to the decisions that affect their homes and communities.

Area Forums

We hold four Area Forums a year in six areas. At these local meetings, local people can raise local issues. You can get involved, find out more about our services, express any concerns you might have as well as put forward your own ideas to add to your sense of community.

Each starts with a Safer Neighbourhood meeting at 6.15pm, where community safety issues are discussed with Derbyshire Police and community support officers. The Area Forum starts at 7.30pm and is dedicated to District and County Council matters.