Christmas waste collections

Recycling and waste collection calendars are being distributed to all households across South Derbyshire. The calendar provides a handy reference guide to collection dates over the next 12 months, so keep it on your fridge, noticeboard or somewhere you can easily find it.

Changes to collections over Christmas are also highlighted. These are as follows:

  • There will be no collections in South Derbyshire on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.
  • Residents originally scheduled to have their black bins emptied on Christmas Day will instead have them collected on Friday, December 27. Boxing Day black bin collections will be moved to Monday, December 30. New Year’s Day black bin collections are taking place on Tuesday, December 31 (one day early).
  • Green bins normally emptied on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day will not receive their usual collection. Extra recycling will be taken on the next scheduled date, providing it is left neatly at the side of the bin in a clear plastic bag or container. Cardboard must be flattened and stacked. Extra cardboard and paper banks will also be put in place at your nearest recycling centre.
  • There will be no brown bin collections from December 25 until January 2, when normal collection schedules resume.
  • All bins should be left out by 6am on the day of collection. Sometimes we have to change the collection order and the crew may arrive earlier or later than usual.
  • The Council is temporarily installing additional card and paper banks until Sunday, January 5 at Melbourne, Midway, Ticknall and Castle Gresley Recycling Centres to provide greater recycling options for households that miss a green bin collection.

Recycling details

Popular items such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, tins, food, paper and cardboard should be recycled as much as possible.

Old toys, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, plastic sweet tubs, egg boxes, any black plastics, hard plastics, plastic bags and plastic film should be put in black bin.

Small electrical items can be taken to Newhall Tip or Melbourne Recycling Centre, while real Christmas trees can be cut up and left in the brown bin.

A breakdown of what items go in which bin can be found in our A to Z of Waste or via our ‘which bin to use’ page.

If residents wish to recycle/ dispose of extra household waste, this can be done at the recycling centres, the Derbyshire County Council operated Newhall Tip or through the Saturday Refuse Freighter Service, which picks up domestic waste and small items of furniture in areas more than five miles from the tip.


Question Answer
What happens to collection rounds when we have adverse weather conditions (i.e. heavy snow)?

❄️If you're NOT taking your car out due to the weather, then you will understand why a scheduled collection may be a 'snowgo!' Please leave your bin out and we will collect it at the earliest opportunity.

Why can't you recycle black plastics?

⬛️ Black plastic gets its colour from being dyed with carbon black pigments – and it’s those pigments that will contaminate the acceptable plastics Please dispose of your black plastics in the BLACK BIN.

What happens if my collection has been delayed or postponed?

🚛If your bin has NOT been collected, our refuse crew will return within TWO working days. Please leave your bin out.

Why can't you take egg boxes?

🥚 We are unable to take EGG BOXES due to the various types of material they are made from - which could contaminate the rest of the materials. The low-grade paper fibre material (which causes processing issues) CAN NOT be recycled by our current contractors. Please dispose of them in your BLACK BIN.

Why can't you take pizza boxes?

🍕We are unable to take PIZZA BOXES as cardboard recycling as they contain grease and food remnants which will contaminate the rest of the recyclable card and paper. Please dispose of them in your BLACK BIN.

Where can I dispose of Christmas cards?

✨Christmas cards CANNOT be recycled due to the contamination caused by sticky tape, glitter and glue. Many supermarkets have Christmas card recycling points.You could #upcycle them and use them as gift tags for next year, or dispose of them in your black bin.

What should I do with extra black bin rubbish?

👉Additional side refuse can be disposed of at The Household Recycling Centre, Main Street, Newhall, DE11 0TP. It's open EVERYDAY apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

I haven't receivd my collection calendar yet, what should I do?

📞 If you have NOT received your bin collection calendar, you can:

▪️ Request one by calling

▪️ Request an electronic version by e-mailing

▪️ Find your collection online.
I forgot to put my bin out, when will it be collected? 🗓️ Your bin will be emptied on the next scheduled date.
How can I ensure my bin is emptied?

😃For trouble-free bin emptying, please ensure that your bin lid is closed and the correct materials are left in the appropriate caddy or sack. We cannot empty them if lids are not closed.

We understand that a few of you have questions about why lids should be closed. Please see below:

📌Open lids can get damaged when lifted by the freighter.
📌Open lids can encourage vermin into the waste.
📌There is a weight restriction on freighters which is indicated to the driver/crew that the bin is too heavy. Open bins would indicate that a bin is going to exceed the lifting weight.

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