Fixed Penalty Notices

We have the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) for a limited number of legal offences.

These include:

  1. Dog fouling
  2. Dogs off lead in a PSPO
  3. Dog exclusion breach
  4. Littering from a vehicle
  5. Antisocial behaviour in Swadlincote
  6. Alcohol consumption in Eureka Park
  • Breaches of Community Protection Notices (£100)
  • Nuisance parking (£100)
  • Abandoning a vehicle (£200)
  • Failure to produce a waste transfer note or other waste documentation (£300)
  • Unauthorised distribution of literature (£150)
  • Graffiti and flyposting (£150)

The purpose of a fixed penalty is to allow relatively minor legal offences to be dealt with quickly and fairly without the need to go to court.

Any money from FPNs is spent on services which protect and improve the environment across South Derbyshire.