Well dressings

What better way spend a day in South Derbyshire than by marvelling at the hundreds of well dressings that are lovingly - and painstakingly - created by hand each year?

Be inspired by this incredible art form being kept alive by groups of dedicated volunteers.  

Mystery surrounds the exact source of this ancient tradition - believed to have been brought to the area by the Romans or the Celts, to give thanks for the county’s fresh water springs.

Etwall and Aston-on-Trent proudly display their floral masterpieces next to wells and water features throughout the spring and summer.

Teams of villagers create intricate mosaics using natural materials such as leaves, moss, flower petals and even coffee beans, on a bed of rich, moist clay. Each one can take anything up to a week to make.

Some well dressings can be viewed ‘in the making’ before they go on show. Watching a well dressing being created is an intriguing and relaxing experience - as well as a great excuse to explore these pretty villages. 

Etwall well dressing
Etwall well dressing