Discretionary payments

From time to time we have limited funds available to help top up Benefit or Council Tax reduction in cases where a household faces exceptional hardship which may lead to eviction and/or homelessness or severe financial difficulties.

We will consider awarding a Discretionary Payment (DP) if the amount of Benefit you receive does not cover the cost of your rent or Council Tax. We will investigate why there is a shortfall, your ability to cover it and how this may affect you. We will take all your income and outgoings into account. 

DPs are usually made only for short periods of time. We have a limited amount of money to pay out each year and we cannot spend more than this. 

You are strongly advised to seek help to find a long-term solution to meeting the gap. There is no guarantee that we will be able to help you now, or in the future. There are certain circumstances where we cannot make a discretionary payment, which are explained on the GOV.UK website.

Apply for a discretionary payment